English class
  • We provide English language instruction to Hispanics to enable them to communicate in English.
  • We offer Spanish language instruction to interested members of the community.
  • We provide rientation and instruction on local culture and customs to newcomers to ease their transition and help them assimilate into the community.
  • We provide classes to prepare immigrants for the citizenship exam.


  • We provide assistance to Hispanics, who are experiencing language and cultural barriers in obtaining satisfactory permanent employment.

Community Services

  • We provide information, references and referrals for community services.
  • We provide interpreters to assist in completing application forms for medical, educational, legal and social services
  • We provide information about immigration and other issues of interest to Hispanic families.

Community Activities

  • We organize cultural and social activities that preserve our culture and heritage.
  • We participate in multicultural community events such as parades, dinners, presentations, performances, etc.
  • We schedule family events such as picnics, parties and holiday celebrations to promote fellowship and unity within the community.